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It’s a Good Day at TSA: May

Older Americans Month

May marks an important occasion on our calendar: Older Americans Month.

During this time, we recognize and honor the significant contributions, experiences, and resilience of older adults across the US. It’s a moment to reflect on the wisdom they impart, the challenges they’ve overcome, and the legacy they’ve built.

Here, we explore the significance of Older Americans Month and why it’s an essential time for acknowledgment and appreciation.

Star Performer of the Month, Becca Drobet

Becca Drobet star of the month

We are thrilled to honor Becca Drobet as our Star of the Month! 🌟

Becca is a highly valued member of the Mi Choice Waiver Intake Team and Nursing Facility Transition Team. She assists with transitioning participants from the nursing home to the community, helps manage the NFT waitlist and community enrollments, and chairs TSA’s internal fall committee.

Her manager, Gail Wejrowski, says:

“As her manager, I always hear from participants and other staff members how dedicated, kind, smart, and dependable Becca is. She goes above and beyond for her participants and colleagues, and can always be counted on to help out her team and take on new or challenging cases.” Becca has taken on a lot of extra tasks over the last year or so, and she has done so with great ease.

Becca is truly the bee’s knees!”

Keep up the great work, Becca! We are so happy to have you!

Inside The Senior Alliance: Trends in Aging

Inside the Senior Alliance Podcast Graphic episode 44

Listen to our latest two-part podcast Inside The Senior Alliance: Trends in Aging.

Join Jason Maciejewski, CEO of The Senior Alliance, and Sandy Markwood, CEO of USAging, the national association representing and supporting the network of Area Agencies on Aging and advocating for the Title VI Native American Aging Programs.

Jason and Sandy discuss the many services and programs that USAging oversees, and how they support local Area Agencies on Aging like The Senior Alliance.

Inside The Senior Alliance: Trends in Aging – Part 1

In part two, they discuss transportation issues, information & assistance for family members who are caring for aging adults, and the role technology plays in senior care. They also look at the changes that the COVID pandemic brought and what the future holds.

Inside The Senior Alliance: Trends in Aging – Part 2

What Drives You (to volunteer)?

What drives you to volunteer graphic for meals on wheels campaign

What drives you (to volunteer)?

Our nation’s aging population is growing rapidly, with more and more people living longer lives with less money available to them. And today, with our nation experiencing the highest inflation rate in 40 years, the aging population is especially vulnerable.

Many count on Meals on Wheels to provide for their most basic needs.

Meals on Wheels volunteers are essential to caring for our community’s most vulnerable. Sign up now and help us make a difference in Wayne County.

It’s a Good Day at TSA

It's a good day at TSA graphic with woman featured

We love hearing the stories of how The Senior Alliance has made a difference in the lives of our community members. When we get to share them with you, it’s A Good Day at TSA!

Here’s a Thank You from a Care Management participant who received respite care. Her daughter said:

“I thank God for this agency because it’s getting tough with my mom. I am so grateful for this help.”

In addition to respite care, she receives essential care supplies and other supports that make the daily tasks at hand easier to manage.

As always, we thank our dedicated staff for their hard work!

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