The Senior Alliance

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Empowering Older Adults through Advocacy

The Senior Alliance plays a pivotal role in conveying older adults’ aspirations, necessities, health considerations, and interests to elected officials across all levels of government. To maximize our impact, we collaborate with esteemed partners such as the Area Agencies on Aging Association of Michigan (4AM), Silver Key Coalition, USAging, American Society on Aging, and Meals on Wheels America. Together, we collectively strive to champion the rights and concerns of older adults.
two older adults working together
two older adults working together

Silver Key Coalition

The Silver Key Coalition was founded with the goal of making Michigan a no-wait state for nutrition and in-home care. 

Advocacy Resources

Advocacy Newsletter (Colloquy)

Colloquy is our monthly advocacy newsletter summarizing the issues, legislation, policies, and studies impacting aging. Sign up today to receive this newsletter and join the conversation to empower change for aging adults.

Inside The Senior Alliance Podcast

The podcast cover for Inside The Senior Alliance: It has a graphic of a broadcast symbol coming off of a person icon

Inside The Senior Alliance, created by The Senior Alliance, explores resources and issues in the field of aging to help give older adults the freedom and independence to continue living life their way, with dignity and respect. Listen as we talk with local and national experts working to advance older adult issues.

Episode 1: Welcome to Inside The Senior Alliance

Advocate for Older Adults

The Senior Alliance works hard to advocate for older adults in our community by keeping a close eye on policies, programs, and community actions that affect their well-being. We invite you to join us advocating for the older adults of western Wayne County and Downriver by contacting your legislators today!

Find Your Legislators

The Senior Alliance needs your help to advocate for the continuation and strengthening of programs and services for older adults in our community. Contact your legislator today to let them know how important older adult resources are to you and your loved ones.

Advocate for Older Adults and Adults with Disabilities

Call us for more information on any of our advocacy efforts and speak with an Information & Assistance Specialist today.


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