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It’s a Good Day at TSA: February

We do this for our community because we're all aging graphic

The Senior Alliance is dedicated to championing the rights and well-being of older adults.

Our role includes advocacy—we are a vigilant observer and a vocal participant, actively monitoring, evaluating, and offering insights on a wide array of policies, programs, hearings, and community initiatives that have the potential to impact the lives of aging adults in our community.

Learn more about our advocacy platform and how you can support the initiatives that contribute to make a significant, lasting impact for older adults in Michigan.

Employee Recognition

Kristin Holtz employee feature

Congratulations to Kristin Holtz for passing the AIRS exam and receiving her Community Resource Specialist – Database Curator (CRS-DC) Certification!

This certification showcases her knowledge and expertise in collecting, organizing, indexing, and disseminating information about programs/services, as well as the organizations that offer them within the realms of health, social, and community services.

Kristin, we are incredibly proud of your accomplishment and grateful for your unwavering dedication to your work.

Congratulations once again on this well-deserved recognition!

What Drives You (to volunteer)?

What drives you to volunteer graphic for meals on wheels campaign

What drives you (to volunteer)?

Our nation’s aging population is growing rapidly, with more and more people living longer lives with less money available to them. And today, with our nation experiencing the highest inflation rate in 40 years, the aging population is especially vulnerable.

Many count on Meals on Wheels to provide for their most basic needs.

Meals on Wheels volunteers are essential to caring for our community’s most vulnerable. Sign up now and help us make a difference in Wayne County.

It’s a Good Day at TSA

It's a good day at TSA graphic with woman featured

We love hearing the stories of how The Senior Alliance has made a difference in the lives of our community members. When we get to share them with you, it’s A Good Day at TSA!

Here’s a story from one of our providers:

“In our latest monthly check-in, a participant thanked us for her new fridge, funded by the Baldwin Grant. She highlighted how it safely stores her medications and food, significantly improving her daily life and well-being.

Her appreciation for this was palpable.”

Nice work, TSA team!

Star Performer of the Month, Brooke Cartmille

Brooke Cartmille employee feature

Congratulations to our Star of the Month: Brooke Cartmille!🌟

Brooke consistently demonstrates respect and dedication to each participant, overcoming unique challenges with unwavering commitment.

She goes above and beyond by volunteering for assessments and covering for colleagues, embodying teamwork and individualized care.

Brooke’s calm, professional, and empathetic approach, even in tough situations, reflects her dedication to our agency’s mission. We’re fortunate to have her at The Senior Alliance.

Well done, Brooke!

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