It’s a Good Day at TSA: February

February is Senior Independence Month. At The Senior Alliance, we celebrate older adults’ independence and the choices they make to thrive all year long.

For many, the choice to live independently can come with a number of challenges. Fortunately, there are many in-home services that can help.

This month on the blog, we’ll walk you through those services and let you know how we can help connect you with them. Let us help you or your loved one celebrate your independence!



Find a Shelter

Resources & Information

The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development’s (HUD) tool provides information about housing, shelter, health care, and clothing resources in communities across the country.

The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development’s (HUD) Find Shelter tool provides information about housing, shelter, health care, and clothing resources in communities across the country.

Visit for more information about shelters, food pantries, and other resources in your community.

Star of the Month

Congratulations to February’s Star Performer, Terry Bush!

Terry serves as RN Waiver Supports Coordinator. Here’s what her manager had to say about her:

“I would like to nominate Terry for our Star Performer of the Month. While I might be a little biased because I worked with Terry at a previous employer, so I knew her work ethic when I referred her, she has taken on her role as an RN Waiver SC with everything she has. Terry provides case management for the Waiver Private Duty Nursing cases (in addition to other cases), which require constant oversight and collaboration with other healthcare professionals while in our program.

The personalized planning that each participant requires can be very detailed and time-consuming, and Terry took on all of these cases without one complaint (well, maybe one or two). Even with providing case management for these high acuity cases, Terry continues to volunteer for re-enrollments, assessments, I/A’s, and consultations when needed to assist her co-workers and their caseloads. She comes into the office, engages with her co-workers while there, and always offers her assistance with case conferencing. She always puts her participants’ needs above everything and does exceptional follow-up while setting limits and boundaries to adhere to our MI Choice standards. I am so glad she decided to jump ship at her other job and finally come work at TSA, as I have been trying to snag her up for a while to join our Waiver team.”

Resource Directory

The Senior Alliance has made finding the resources you’re looking for easier by putting our resource directory online.

Healthcare, food and meals, employment, housing, personal items, in-home care services, transportation, family support, and more.

View all of our Resources.

MMAP Volunteers

Two of our amazing MMAP (Michigan Medicaid/Medicare Assistance Program) volunteers were nominated for awards with our local United Way to honor their outstanding service.

Charles Hodge MMAP VolunteerCharles Hodge has volunteered more than 2,200 hours to assist local Medicare beneficiaries and helped them save over $615,000 in premium and prescription drug cost savings as a Certified Counselor with the Medicare and Medicaid Assistance Program since 2009.





Thomas Cramer MMAP VolunteerThomas Cramer identified a need for accessible Medicare options for seniors; he now leads regular educational presentations and offers unbiased in-person Medicare benefits counseling in his community resulting in $43,065 in savings for Medicare beneficiaries in 2023.






At The Senior Alliance, we are so grateful for Chuck, Tom, and the many volunteers just like them who give of themselves for the benefit of their community. We couldn’t do what we do without you!

If you’re interested in becoming a volunteer with The Senior Alliance or learning more about where our greatest need is right now, send us an email at

We’re so proud of our team! Thank you!

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