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It’s a Good Day at TSA: October

Annual enrollment for Medicare Part D is a critical period from October 15 to December 7, 2023, during which aging adults and their caregivers can make changes to their Medicare plans or explore additional assistance programs to better suit their healthcare needs.

Learn what you need to know about taking control of your healthcare coverage this year.

Contact Michigan Medicare Assistance Program (MMAP) to schedule an appointment before December 7.

Medicare Annual Enrollment Assistance

Best Places to Work 2023

Crain's Detroit Business 2023 Logo for best places to work

Crain’s Detroit Business has named The Senior Alliance one of the Best Places to Work in Southeast Michigan in 2023.

This is the fifth time we have been recognized with this honor, and we are thrilled.

Thank you to our dedicated staff, board, volunteers, and supporters who enable us to do good work in our community serving aging adults and adults with disabilities.

We look forward to continuing to serve next year and in the future!

Chip in for the Senior Alliance

Chip in for The Senior Alliance, a golf ball with The Senior Alliance logo on the ball as it lays in the grass.

Thank you for your support of the ‘Chip in for The Senior Alliance’ Golf Outing this year! We had a great time, and we hope you did too. Your presence and support made the event a tremendous success, and we are sincerely thankful for your commitment to the work that The Senior Alliance does in our community.

Because of you, we had over 100 golfers join us, and we raised over $22,000 from this event!

Thank you for joining us for a day of golf, fun, and philanthropy. Your support strengthens our ability to enhance the quality of life for some of our communities most vulnerable neighbors. We look forward to doing more good work together in the future.

Find more information about the services and programs available through The Senior Alliance

Manager of the Quarter: Gail Wejrowski

Gail Wejrowski star performer

Congratulations to our Manager of the Quarter, Gail Wejrowski!

Gail is the Waiver Program Clinical Manager, and the staff she mentors can’t say enough kind things about her.

“Gail is the epitome of a passionate professional leader. She exudes knowledge of TSA-MDHHS-CM/CCS-MI Health Link-and-Waiver policies and procedures like the back of her hand. Gail responds quickly to a hundred calls daily. She’s accurate with the answers she provides; she’s compassionate and forgiving when an error is made; and she’s able to multitask like no other. She encourages new hires to spread their wings and test the waters, yet provides a safety net to catch them if need be. She advocates for her team, educates, AND actively listens to her Support Coordinator. She’s also not above apologizing if the situation calls for it. These are important qualities that an effective leader must possess. Gail encompasses all of these.” – Deb Burke

“Gail is a WEALTH of information. If you have an issue to address, she has 50 ideas on how to combat it. If you have trouble understanding something, she has the patience of a saint and will take the time to explain it to you in ways that make sense and not make you feel stupid for asking. If you are having a bad day or a bad week, she will encourage you to do what you need to do to take care of yourself and support you in whatever way she can. If you have a ‘challenging’ participant who is disrespectful to you and difficult to deal with, she will defend you and make you feel supported and heard. She is extremely knowledgeable, readily available, has a great sense of humor, and can be a pitbull when needed. She is why every year I think I can hold off retirement for one more year. – Patty Burns

“Gail has been the most supportive and mentoring manager I have ever had, and that’s a lot of managers over the last 22 years! She works tirelessly behind the scenes to ensure that we as her support coordinators are being treated with dignity and respect, by not only family but the participants. When there is an issue, she meets it head-on and is always working on a solution that is the most beneficial for all involved. When I was going through one of the roughest times of my life, Gail stood behind me and was there providing support and making sure that I was ok. She called me and told me that it was ok to have days that I needed to step back and all I had to do was reach out to her.

Gail saves each of us on a daily basis, works tirelessly behind the scenes for us, and makes this a great place to work. We definitely have an excellent manager in Gail; one who cares about her employees and the participants and what’s right for everyone. She is one magnificent manager as well as a friend.” – Julie Dupon

Star Performer of the Month: Beth Imes

Beth Imes Employee Feature

Congratulations to our Star Performer of the Month, Beth Imes!

Here is what her manager has to say about her:

Beth has come to be an essential part of the Hearken program. She is about to embark upon her first anniversary at The Senior Alliance and has already made crucial community contacts, become a participant favorite, and introduced integral ideas (such as the forthcoming Hearken Planner – stay tuned!).

Beth is empathetic, compassionate, articulate, and ORGANIZED. She has utilized these attributes to meet the varying needs of participants in our program as they are experiencing crises, and these crises vary in frequency and severity. Beth has focused on motivational interviewing when engaging with our participants and strives to understand all available offerings.

Recently, Beth was faced with a participant encountering a crisis that required a smooth and calm transition to the crisis line.

Beth had the local police department phone number pulled up in case she needed to immediately initiate emergency assistance and intervention, and she remained on the crisis line with the participant as a support while the participant was interviewed by the crisis line worker. After successful intervention, the participant told the crisis line worker that she would like to continue talking with just Beth. The phone call continued with solely Beth. Beth began to talk about finding a therapist that better suits the participant’s needs since the participant has recently not been going to therapy due to a lack of connection with her therapist.

Beth also told the participant that we would work to find at-home mental health services (whether through telehealth or in-person) to help remove her traveling anxieties. Beth told the participant that she would like to call back tomorrow to check in and troubleshoot what the next steps would be. Being audibly more at ease, the participant agreed. The entirety of the encounter lasted over two hours, but Beth didn’t hesitate to devote the time required to create an action plan with the participant and employ active listening.

I am certain that this isolated participant would not have gotten the kindness, information, and structure needed to navigate the overwhelming feelings that were plaguing her without Beth’s presence and direction.

Beth has grown to be an intensely decisive and creative problem solver. She employs de-escalation techniques professionally and gently. She takes any health and safety risk with the utmost seriousness. She cares deeply for our participants and assures that their concerns are not left unaddressed.

I can’t wait to keep watching her shine!

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