It’s a Good Day at TSA: March

Technology and Healthcare Innovations are Shaping the Future of Aging

The world’s population is getting older, with people living longer lives than ever before. This demographic shift, driven by longer life expectancies and declining birth rates, presents both challenges and opportunities related to aging for societies worldwide.

In response to the aging population, there has been a surge in creative and innovative approaches aimed at improving the lives of older adults. We’re seeing new technologies, changes in how we think about aging, and improvements in healthcare aimed at making life better for older adults.

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Star Performer of the Month, Linda Shoats

Congratulations to our Star of the Month: Linda Shoats 🌟

Linda Shoats is one of our drivers in our transportation program and her positivity, teamwork, and communication skills make her an invaluable asset.

Always going above and beyond with a smile, she leaves a lasting impression on our riders.

We are grateful to have her on board – Linda, you’re a true gem! Thank you for your unwavering dedication and hard work!

What Drives You (to volunteer)?

What drives you (to volunteer)?

Our nation’s aging population is growing rapidly, with more and more people living longer lives with less money available to them. And today, with our nation experiencing the highest inflation rate in 40 years, the aging population is especially vulnerable.

Many count on Meals on Wheels to provide for their most basic needs.

Meals on Wheels volunteers are essential to caring for our community’s most vulnerable. Sign up now and help us make a difference in Wayne County.

Volunteer today.


It’s a Good Day at TSA

It's A Good Day at TSA Graphic and Image of an older adult happily scooping salad in her home.

We love hearing the stories of how The Senior Alliance has made a difference in the lives of our community members. When we get to share them with you, it’s A Good Day at TSA!

Here’s a story from one of our providers:

“In our latest monthly check-in, a participant thanked us for her new fridge, funded by the Baldwin Grant. She highlighted how it safely stores her medications and food, significantly improving her daily life and well-being.

Her appreciation for this was palpable.”

Nice work, TSA team!



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