July Blog – Live Your Way With TSA

Live Your Way With TSA

At The Senior Alliance, we encourage you to “Live Your Way”—so much so that we made it our tagline. Independent living plays a large role in helping aging adults preserve their freedom while also fostering a community safely. As individuals age, a common misconception is that a housing change of any type takes from their maintained independence. In reality, there are countless programs that will allow individuals to take control of their freedom without having to worry about day-to-day domestic upkeep or other potential challenges. 

Aging in Place

One of the ways The Senior Alliance empowers older adults is by enabling them to age in place. As an individual ages in place, remaining at home can be an option. Most aging individuals want to continue to live in their homes rather than transitioning to a facility. Proper planning through the programs and services provided through The Senior Alliance makes this a greater possibility.

One of the first steps is to plan for the care future you might need. Ask yourself—What illness might you or your spouse have that affects mobility? Do you live alone? Depending on some of your answers and your current living situation, an in-home caregiver could be the solution. Caregivers can be family or friends who give a hand, or you also have the option to hire trained individuals who can help you. 

There are numerous options for the kinds of help that may be offered in your own home. Some include:

  • Personal care: If bathing, washing your hair, or dressing yourself is starting to become a challenge, that could be a task that you ask a caregiver to help with.
  • Household chores: Tasks like grocery shopping, cleaning, yard work, and laundry could begin to feel difficult to stay on top of. By planning ahead, these things could be taken care of by an aide or they could be outsourced. Most grocery stores offer online ordering and delivery and cleaning tasks can be hired.
  • Meals: Worried about nutrition or eating alone? Cook with a friend, have potluck dinners, or find nearby meal services at senior centers or places of worship. Some programs offer free or low-cost options.

By planning ahead, aging in place not only becomes an option; it becomes one of the best ways to maintain independence and stay comfortable. By asking for help or finding the correct help, individuals are able to continue the life they have built while staying safe and healthy.

How The Senior Alliance Helps

At The Senior Alliance, we provide services that allow aging adults to receive help while living on their own. One participant told us that he “loves The Senior Alliance and the way they support his autonomy and his ability to remain in the comfort of his community.” Additionally, the services we provided supported his goal of not having to live in a skilled care facility. 

We want to help people thrive as they live their way. One way we help aging individuals do that is by utilizing the MI Choice Medicaid Waiver. This program is a great benefit to those looking for support to stay in their home or a residential setting as it offers a variety of services to help adults in need. These services include adult day care, support for living in the community, short-term care for caregivers, making necessary changes to homes, providing equipment, serving meals, arranging transportation, and offering personal assistance. Eligible adults can access these services completely free of charge. Fill out the MI Choice Waiver Referral Form on our website to see if you or your loved on are eligible for services through this program. 

Another program available is Friendly Reassurance. With this program, aging individuals living at home are able to maintain their independence while also having scheduled check-ins. At prearranged times, ongoing telephone calls are made to touch base with aging adults while also providing them with support. If the caller does not answer, then safety protocols are followed. 

For more on The Senior Alliance’s Friendly Reassurance Call Program, tune in to our podcast, “Inside the Senior Alliance.” In episode “Friendly Reassurance Call Program,” host and CEO of The Senior Alliance Jason Maciejewski is joined by Lori Zimmerman, Manager of the Senior Alliance Information and Assistance Program, and Theresa Coleman, Senior Alliance team member, to dive into this telephone call program and why it matters. 

For more information about the programs and resources we offer, visit our website. To connect with someone on our team about independent living services available through The Senior Alliance, call us at 734-722-2830 or email us at info@thesenioralliance.org.

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