It’s a Good Day at TSA: June

Alzheimer’s Disease, a type of dementia that causes memory loss and impairs other cognitive abilities, accounts for 60-80% of dementia cases. While some memory deterioration is normal and nothing to fear, Alzheimer’s isn’t something that just happens to come with age.

Throughout the month of June, we honor Alzheimer’s Awareness Month to educate those in our service area and promote advocacy for those diagnosed.

In our latest blog post, learn more about the ways to combat Alzheimer’s, the signs to look for, and how you can best help care for a loved one with Alzheimer’s.


Inside The Senior Alliance: Episode 32

In the latest episode of Inside the Senior Alliance, our host and Planning and Advocacy Specialist, Emma Case, talks with Ayana King, founder and CEO of Maximum Communications.

Maximum Communications is a diversity, equity, and inclusion consultancy group.

Emma and Ayana discuss a plethora of topics regarding aging, including:

  • What ageism is and how it affects older adults, both mentally and physically
  • How aging adults can respond to issues of ageism
  • How older adults can advocate when they see or experience ageism or any form of exclusion happening
  • Typical instances of ageism stereotypes

They also discuss misconceptions about ageism and how to combat those biases at any age, in any environment. This is excellent information for both caregivers and aging adults.


Joy For All Companion Pets

Joy For All Companion Pets

Joy For All Companion Pets offers aging loved ones an opportunity for companionship. An older adult experiencing memory loss, social isolation, or loneliness could benefit from a robotic pet. This interactive cat and pup are all about ease of care and convenience that pairs with technology. They give the experience of having a real pet and reaping positive health benefits. Pets are available to program participants and callers upon meeting the screening criteria.

For more information, call 1-800-815-1112 today.

Chip in for The Senior Alliance: Golf Outing Event

Join The Senior Alliance at Western Golf Course and Country Club for our charity champs golf outing!

The outing will begin September 25, 2023, at 9 a.m. with a shotgun start.

Sponsorships are available for those interested. To become a sponsor, click on the “Sponsor Our Event” button on the registration page.

Registration is now open for individual golfers or foursomes.


Star Performer

Congratulations to our Star Performer of the Month, April Simmons!

April Simmons Star Perform of the Month

April Simmons Star Perform of the Month

Congratulations to our Star Performer of the Month, April Simmons! She is a rock-star driver for our transportation team, and our staff and participants are so grateful for her!

Here is what her co-workers have to say about her:

“April is a GREAT asset to the Transportation Department. She really puts the word ‘team’ into TEAM player. She does whatever is asked of her without complaint. I receive several calls a week from riders just to let me know how wonderful April is to each of them. They cannot give enough praise for her kindness and compassion. One rider said he enjoys riding with April because she has the gift of gab and makes him forget how anxious he feels on his way to and from dialysis. I am lucky to have such a wonderful TEAM!” – Jeanette Hoff, Dispatcher

“April is a team player and always goes above and beyond. The clients always have such nice things to say about her. She is always willing to pitch in and help wherever she is needed. An employee’s hard work is the fuel to great company culture. Thanks for adding extra miles to ours, April.” – Alicia McDole, Manager

 We’re so proud of our team! Thank you!

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