February Blog – Senior Independence Month

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Celebrating Senior Independence All Year Long

February is National Senior Independence Month. While living independently is a goal many older adults share, achieving that goal comes with challenges. Fortunately, there are a number of at-home programs and services that can help. 


MI Choice Waiver Program

Michigan’s MI Choice Medicaid Waiver Program provides in-home services for eligible older adults as well as adults living with disabilities. (The program is named for the federal government allowance that states may waive some Medicaid rules to meet the needs of certain individuals.) MI Choice services are designed to help recipients stay in a home or residential setting. These settings may include an individual’s or family member’s home, an assisted living community, a licensed home for the aged, or a licensed adult foster care home. 

The Senior Alliance delivers MI Choice services to older adults and their family members living in southern and western Wayne County, providing them with more control over the care they receive. Services include adult day care, community living support, respite care, home modifications, equipment, meals, transportation, and personal services. 

The MI Choice Waiver Program is provided at no cost to adults who meet its financial and medical eligibility requirements and is funded through the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services. 

Complete the MI Choice Medicaid Waiver Referral or call (800) 815-1112 for more information.


Care Management, Case Coordination, and Supports

A number of services may be needed to assist an adult in staying in a residential setting, whether it be their own home, a family member’s home, or an unlicensed assisted living community. It can be overwhelming for an individual or their loved one to manage and coordinate all the various programs and services that may be needed. 

The Senior Alliance provides case management to coordinate various home- and community-based programs to ensure our clients receive the assistance they need. The programs are funded through the Michigan Bureau of Aging, Community Living, and Supports (ACLS Bureau), and medical eligibility requirements apply. To find out if you or a loved one qualifies, or for more information, call The Senior Alliance at (800) 815-1112.


Thrive Your Way with Help from The Senior Alliance

The Senior Alliance is dedicated to helping individuals thrive as they live their way. For many older adults, this can include living as independent a lifestyle as possible. The Senior Alliance helps older adults and their loved ones, social workers, nurses, and others access a wide range of programs including Meals on Wheels, transportation, adult day care, in-home care, and much more. If you’re seeking services for an older adult or adult with a disability in southern and western Wayne County, contact us at info@thesenioralliance.org or (800) 815-1112

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