It’s a Good Day at TSA: September

At The Senior Alliance, our mission is to assist people to thrive as they live, age, and grow. One way we do this is by offering reliable and specialized transportation services tailored to meet their unique needs. As a trusted organization committed to enhancing the quality of life for some of our community’s most vulnerable, we take pride in providing safe, convenient, and accessible transportation options to individuals aged 60 and over and adults with disabilities in our area.

Learn more about the transportation services we provide – with a special shoutout to our fantastic drivers!



Faith-Based Summit

for all faiths Faith Based Summit Cover-Event: Tuesday, October 3,2023

Join us for our free Faith-Based Summit on Tuesday, October 3, 2023, from 9 AM to 12 PM.

Learn more about our programs and help us improve our offerings by sharing your insights on what aging adults and adults with disabilities really need.

This event is for those in leadership and/or outreach positions in faith communities.

We welcome all.

To save your spot, call us at (734) 612-4749 or visit our website.

Star Performer

Congratulations to our Star Performer of the Month, Debbie Chartrand!

Star performer of the month, Debbie Chartrand

Here is what her colleagues have to say about her:

Debbie is an incredible supports coordinator and colleague. She has a calm, positive demeanor when she is working with her participants, and above all, she is always kind. As a result, she is excellent in a crisis and she is able to provide excellent support coordination by resolving any situation without the participant feeling any further stress. She also lends her knowledge, support, and assistance to her colleagues when they are facing crisis situations with their own participants. On top of all of this, she regularly volunteers to help out her CCD colleagues and TSA by signing up for Meals On Wheels routes.

Whether it is providing resources, assisting with housing, or helping participants obtain necessary medical equipment, Debbie has proven she will get the job done and done well!

We’re so proud of our team! Thank you!

Inside The Senior Alliance: Episode 35

Episode 35 Podcast Cover: Inside The Senior Alliance: Aging and the Justice System with Rodlescia Sneed (Ep 1.35)

In this episode, Emma Case, Planning and Advocacy Specialist with The Senior Alliance interviews Rodlescia Sneed, Assistant Professor of Gerontology at Wayne State University. They talk about her work with aging adults, especially those who have been incarcerated and then released.

Professor Sneed discusses how Area Agencies on Aging can do a better job in getting resources to help seniors involved in the justice system and how listeners can help to advocate for those seniors. Important information!

Listen to episode 35 of Inside The Senior Alliance today.

Inside The Senior Alliance: Episode 36

Cover photo: Inside the Senior Alliance Episode 36-Grandfamilies and Kinship Families with Chelsi Rhoades

In this episode, Emma Case, Planning and Advocacy Specialist at the Senior Alliance, talks to Chelsi Rhoades, Public Policy and Advocacy Coordinator at Generations United, a national nonprofit group that helps support grandfamilies and kinship families.

They talk about what a grand family or a kinship family is, and how Generations United works to bring generations together instead of isolating them.

In the United States, there are more than 8 million children living in households that are headed by grandparents, and Chelsi explains what the needs are for those families and how Generations United helps to support them. They also talk about the advocacy work that is needed for grandfamilies and kinship families, and how you can get involved to help in your community.

Listen wherever you get your podcasts or on our website.

Listen to episode 36 of Inside The Senior Alliance today.


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