Health & Wellness Programs – Live Better!

We can help link you to programs to help you stay active and age well!

Health and wellness programs are administered throughout our aging and disability network at various locations across the 34 communities that we serve. Check out a class at your local community center, senior housing communities, places of worship, or another neighborhood site!
The Senior Alliance Health & Wellness classes are:

  • Free or low-cost.
  • Held in a small-group setting.
  • Led by Certified Leaders, Master Trainers, or Instructors who have completed rigorous training before delivering course content.
  • Opportunities to help you stay on track. Let us support you on your wellness journey. Most workshops meet as part of a series on a consistent schedule, typically once or twice a week for 6 or more weeks depending on the program.

Whether you are looking to improve your diabetes management, feel more steady and confident on your feet and want ideas to prevent falls, or just want to get fit with some new friends, we have a workshop in your neighborhood just for you!

For more information about specific programs and class dates, times and locations, contact The Senior Alliance at (734)722-2830.

Fitness & Exercise

Arthritis Exercise Program

Offers low-impact exercises, that can be done either sitting or standing, to help relieve stiffness/pain and to build strength/stamina. The class was developed by physical therapists specifically for individuals with arthritis or related conditions.

Arthritis Tai Chi Program

This program brings the gentle, graceful, flowing power of sun-style tai chi to the community. This joint-friendly exercise program will both relax and increase mental and physical energy.

Enhance Fitness Program

Enhance Fitness focuses on stretching, flexibility, balance, low impact aerobics, and strength training exercises.

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To register for a class near you, contact The Senior Alliance at (734) 722-2830.